Tailor-made service

Nordic Skiing Instructor

In an energetic atmosphere, enjoy a simple yet great moment with our esf Méribel instructors! Nordic skiing is the great outdoor activity par excellence, cross-country skiing stands for well-being and getting back in shape.
You will be able to benefit from the unspoilt environment of the mountain.

Our instructors adapt to your needs, level, and wishes. Enjoy their expertise to learn and progress, whether in Skating or in Classic style. Meeting point at the Blanchot restaurant (on Altiport's route).

The two main discipline of nordic skiing are available in Méribel: Skating (skate motion) or Classic (striding forward). These two techniques will train you and make you work out, helping you prepare for Biking and Trail running season! 

Personalised lessons on request. Please keep in mind that some periods are very busy, we recommend you book in advance. 
  • Donner des exemples de parcours avec ce qu'on peut faire
  • Indiquer les caractéristiques : niveaux de difficulté, le temps,...
  • Avis du moniteur sur quand il faut faire cela, a qui il conseille la sortie,...
  • Mettre des photos pour illustrer
  • Une vidéo d'ensemble à mettre dans le bandeau
  • Proposer des programmes d'apprentissage ou de progression personnalisés sur un ou plusieurs jours (1, 2, 3 jours)