Advice & recommendations

To enjoy your stay without a hitch

Advice & Recommandations

For children in the «Saturnins » Childcare

For health reasons and for the comfort of your child you must bring :
Their health booklet, vaccination booklet and proof of identity
a pair of slippers, diapers, a soft toy and a snack
A change of clothes, sunglasses, mittens and a winter hat

To ensure that your children get the most out of their lessons, please remember to :

Equip them accordingly: anorak, winter hat or cap, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, tissues
Avoid attending to lessons and interrupting your child during lessons
Wearing a ski helmet is highly recommended for children
Leave it to the instructors to decide on a possible change of class
Your child is on holiday and the aim is for them to enjoy their stay and want to come back.
So respect his pace and don't try to make him a champion out of him too early!

For the smooth running of the lessons, please respect the following rules:

Have your lesson card (paper or application) at the start of group and private lessons
At the beginning of each lesson, show the card to the instructor (paper or application) corresponding to the day and time of the lesson
Be on time for the start of group or private lessons: any delay will be included in the lesson
Have a ski lift pass in order to attend lessons
Be adequately equipped and covered