10 rule of safety

To safely ski down the slopes

The 10 rules of safety

esf Méribel instructors recommend you watch this video produced by the Syndicat National des Moniteurs de Ski Français.

Rule 1

Behave in such a way that you do not endanger others.

Rule 2

Adapt your speed and behaviour to your abilities, the slope, and the weather conditions.

Rule 3

Choose a path in such a way as not to endanger skiers ahead.

Rule 4

Overtake other skiers by leaving enough space around them to take into account their movements.

Rule 5

Ensure you can join a slope or a training area safely by checking above above and below.

Rule 6

If you fall, move and clear the slope as soon as possible.

Rule 7

Use the side of the slope to walk up or go down on foot.

Rule 8

All skiers must respect signs and markings.

Rule 9

Everyone must assist if there is an accident.

Rule 10

Whether a responsible party or a witness, all skiers must identify themselves.