Alpine skiing
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French - English
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Passionate about skiing since his first experience at the age of 12, accompanied by his friends, Jean Louis has been an instructor for 40 years. Originally from Avignon, he discovered the resort of Méribel in 1987 when he became an esf instructor. To share his love of skiing, Jean Louis is an instructor giving the most adapted teaching possible in order to obtain results. In his eyes, the esf represents the seriousness and the assurance of a good teaching with a lot of progress at the end! His best memories are several beginner students who were able to follow him through the 3 valleys after 4 years of lessons, whatever the level of the slopes. 

Outside of Méribel, he works in the hotel/restaurant sector. Before coming to Méribel, Jean Louis taught in Switzerland and in the German part of Switzerland. In the valley, his favourite piste is the Combe du Vallon.
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