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Valentin Noviant
Alpine skiing and Ski nursery (Alpine)
Spoken languages
Born in Grenoble, Valentin has spent the major part of his life on the ski slopes. Able to speak four languages, this polyglot now teaches his passion to other curious people.

From the age of 12 to 20, Valentin devoted all his time to skiing. Then, it is no coincidence that he is now an esf instructor. Driven by his love of skiing, he didn't hesitate to wear the famous red ski school jumper as soon as he became an adult. Valentin has now been passing on his experience to eager-to-learn pupils for over 10 years.

For this amateur of competition and speed, Méribel is the perfect place to teach skiing. Located in the heart of the 3 Valleys, a place he describes as "the home of French skiing", Méribel benefits from ideal snow conditions. The Choucas slope is one of his favourites.

Valentin has already had the opportunity to ski in Japan, Canada and Chile. It was in Chile, more specifically in La Parva, that he discovered a different approach to teaching skiing. Alongside his work as an esf instructor in Méribel, Valentin is also a craftsman. Golf is also one of his favourite hobbies.

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