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Philippe Laissus
Ski touring, Alpine skiing and Telemark
Spoken languages
French - English - German
Originally from Méribel, Philippe has been teaching skiing for 45 years now with the aim of passing on his passion for this winter sport as well as his love of the mountains.
Philippe discovered the unique practice of skiing in his home resort when he was only 3 years old. Since that day, he has never left his skis and is living a true love story with this winter sport. In order to get involved in the ski culture of the resort, he was president of the ski club for almost 30 years. He has also competed in the cadet and junior team selection.

In addition to being a ski instructor, Philippe is a craftsman but also a sports teacher. A job that allows him to perfect his learning pedagogy every year. An adventurer at heart and always looking for contact with nature, Philippe enjoys walking in the mountains and travelling.

His favourite trail is the Vallon. Thanks to expeditions around skiing in Greenland, Island, Norway and India, Philippe has had the opportunity to discover unique landscapes.
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