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Private lessons for your young child

A great way for your child to start skiing is with a private lesson from ESF!
Especially if your child lacks the confidence to start and needs that little bit of extra reassurance!

With the personal advice from their instructor, your child will quickly gain the confidence and master the techniques to safely ski to the best of their ability. With the reassurance they need, they will engage and form a trusted bond with the instructor which will develop to a friendship and make the whole learning experience a pleasurable one.

Lessons can be offered to several children as long as the ski levels are the same.
Private lessons with ESF Meribel are offered with English speaking instructors.


private Lessons for the very young
Season 2017-2018morningmiddayafternoon
From December 10th, 2017 to February10th, 20189:15-11:45 am
12:30-2:00 pm
2:15-4:45 pm
From February 11th, 2018 to March 10th, 2018
9:15-12:00 am
12:30-2:00 pm2:15-5:00 pm
From March 11th, 2018 to April 22nd, 20189.15-12.15 pm12.30-14.00 pm2.30-4.30 pm

prices private lessons

private Lessons

private lessons for the very young

Children under 5 All Levels - All Levels
  • Up to 6 people at the same level for private lessons or coaching for 4 people skiing.
  • Lesson available in several languages (English, Italian, Spanish...) upon request.
  • Special offers "Ski Coaching" from 12:30 to
  • Meeting points: Chaudanne, roundabout at the pistes Mottaret, Hôtels, Chalets.
Ski coaching - 12:30 to 2:00 pm
6 lessons Ski Coaching (1h30)505.00€
5 lessons Ski Coaching (1h30)
1 lesson Ski Coaching (1h30)
1 session of one hour for children aged 3 to 5yrs old 66.00€
PRICES PRIVATE LESSONS FROM 10/12/2017 TO 23/12/2017
1 Full day private lesson350.00€
1 Morning private lesson185.00€
1 Afternoon private lesson170.00€
prices private lessons  FROM 24/12/2017 to 13/01/2018
1 Full day private lesson
1 Morning private lesson
1 Afternoon private lesson
prices private lessons FROM 14/01/2018 to 10/02/2018
1 Full day private lesson410.00€
1 Morning private lesson215.00€
1 Afternoon private lesson185.00€
5 Afternoons private lessons815.00€
prices private lessons  FROM 11/02/2018 to 10/03/2018
1 Full day private lesson440.00€
1 Morning private lesson230.00€
1 Afternoon private lesson220.00€
PRICES PRIVATE LESSONS FROM 11/03/2018 TO 07/04/2018
1 Full day private lesson410.00€
1 Morning private lesson258.00€
1 Afternoon private lesson148.00€
PRICES PRIVATE LESSONS FROM 08/04/2018 TO 22/04/2018
1 Full day private lesson350.00€
1 Morning private lesson222.00€
1 Afternoon private lesson136.00€