advice for PARENTS.

To enable your child to benefit the most from their course, we offer the following advice:

  • Equip them properly: jacket, hat or cap, mittens, goggles, sunscreen, handkerchiefs.

  • Leave your child in our instructors capable hands, they will ensure they progress within their ability

  • Wearing a helmet is strongly advised for all children in all disciplines.

  • Let your instructor decide on any possible change of class.

  • Your child is on vacation too and the goal is to make learning to ski as fun as possible and for them to have the desire to return. We progress them at their pace and ability and try not to make them a champion before they are ready!

general recommendations.

For the smooth operation of the lessons, we thank you to respect the following: 

  • Being equipped with their current card or ticket for group or private lessons.
  • Present to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson, the ticket corresponding to the day and time. 
  • Be on time for your lesson, group or individual: delayed time is included in the lesson.
  • Have the correct lift ski pass for the lesson.
  • Be adequately equipped and covered (insured).


  • No reservations by phone.
  • No duplicate card will be issued in case of loss. 
  • Group or private lessons not cancelled 48 hrs in advance will not be refunded.
  • The formula lessons & ski lift is not refundable under any circumstances (except under the Carré Neige or personal insurance). 
  • The benefits applicable for 5 or 6 lessons (5 or 6 mornings or afternoons) are for consecutive days.
  • ESF do not accept any liability for property or personal accidents that may occur to students.
  • ESF reserves the right to cancel or combine lessons if the number is less than 5 people.
  • Weather conditions, breakdowns of mechanical lifts or other accidents cannot be be attributable to the ESF. Accordingly, there will be no refund or postponement of the lesson.
  • ESF does not insure students, we advise the Carré Neige Insurance.